Cryptocurrency, The Future of Currency!

Cryptocurrency, The Future of Currency!

More and more technology and business are increasingly sophisticated and advanced. In the market, we see a lot of the latest technology that has been discovered and developed continuously, making it easier for human life in the world

What’s more, a discussion about Cryptocurrency, do you know what that is?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed as a medium of exchange or transaction, or we can more easily call it a digital currency. The cryptocurrency itself has now begun to be known by many people around the world, especially for those who like to look for extra money through the internet. In fact, in some countries such as Japan, Australia, Singapore, Italy, England and even the United States, it has legalized the use of one of the most well-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, but legalized here does not mean that Bitcoin can be used as a payment tool in that country replacing currency positions existing but the government does not prohibit its citizens who search and use Bitcoin to transact on the Internet. This cryptocurrency itself has many types such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin and many others which total in the hundreds.

After plunging into Cryptocurrency can it be turned into real money?

Cryptocurrency can also be exchanged into real money because it has an exchange rate, and of course the exchange rate for each cryptocurrency must be different. The exchange rate for each cryptocurrency is also not continuously stable because each cryptocurrency has its own exchange rate which tends to rise and fall like Gold. One of the factors that can affect the exchange rate of cryptocurrency itself is determined by its users, so when there are users who want to exchange the cryptocurrency that they have in large quantities and at prices below the market it is certain that the exchange rate will reduce the decline. One of the most famous cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, with an exchange rate that has now reached around 16 Million Rupiah for 1 Bitcoin, it’s no wonder that Bitcoin is one of the best known cryptocurrency in Indonesian society. Cryptocurrency itself can be exchanged into real money by exchanging it to sites that provide a cryptocurrency exchange feature to a real amount of money. In Indonesia, one of the websites that can be used to exchange cryptocurrency for real rupiah is which is managed by PT Bitcoin Indonesia. Then, to seek profits through cryptocurrency this is actually quite easy, like trading but the media is cryptocurrency, we buy a cryptocurrency when the price is cheap and then sell it again when the price of the cryptocurrency is expensive. So you can get profit in the trading activities that you do.

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